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Make Website Visitor Your Customer

Waiting around for a customer call and striving for a better lead conversion can be a hassle.. Luckily it’s easy as your Nethra Technologies has come up with just what you have been looking for! Yes, you must have wondered for years!!! Why the customers who promised to call never calls back? How to make that customer understand a call makes a whole lot of difference? Yes! the answer is Click 2 Call. It helps you to get connected with your valuable customers any time.

Nethra Domain’s Click 2 Call technology helps its customers to by making web visitors into a lead. We have a customized simple and user friendly application designed for you where the customers can call you for Free when they visit you on your website. Our Click 2 Call service will help you in a wide range in getting business globally.

We have a dedicated technical team to provide you customized APIs and which may help you to Integrate Click 2 Call into your Web Portal. Once the same is integrated the link goes live and your team is ready to receive Calls. When a visitor to your Web Site clicks on the call back link they enter their phone number and click on connect. Our system calls the web visitors phone on the number provided and it in turn connects your team member.

We host the Hardware, Software and connectivity in our server room which saves you the Setup cost. Hence no capital investment is required. We know that every Call comes as an opportunity and make sure that you get best of voice quality and lowest connection time. Our Flexibility system helps you to retrieve the missed call details and that may enable you to call the visitor anytime. You can also fix your available time for the customers to reach you and our system intelligently schedules non office hour call messages for the visitor

Click 2 Call solution is designed to analyze and record the call date and time data for further analysis. It also records Completed/Unattended/partially completed, Country, duration of call etc.

Nethra Domain also uses a call hunting technique where multiple numbers are given and the visitor can reach any of the available numbers and deliver the call ensuring that you don’t miss an opportunity. Our intelligent spam guard reduces the number of spam callers. It blocks the number/ Ban the IP and also control the number of unnecessary calls.


    Easy to use our customized API
    You can receive any number of calls in your center
    Prevents calls from unauthorized sites
    Helps to connect any visitor globally with any phone number
    Works internationally
    Various authentication methods to reduce Spam request

Benefit to your valuable customers

    Customers calls are absolutely free of cost
    Allowed to reach the customers in India and abroad
    It bridges the gap between the customer visiting website/promising to call and never calling back
    It is 24x7 Services
    It need not be a LAN. Can be a mobile also.
    Visitor can speak to Sales/Support representative instantly for any questions or pre sales support.
    Normal visitor would get a confident when he speaks to you regarding the product.
    High Perception value to get in direct touch with suitable person at support side.
    It helps in saving time and browsing for related products.
    Immediate response to your customers can be given.
    They may find it convenient to call you as the call is free
    Can keep track of important Leads by phone.
    Help converting a visitor to customer.
    Works much faster than any other medium of communication
    Website becomes more interactive

Full Service Price List:

Click 2 Call Price List

Package Service Time Frame Order
C2C/F Form 24 Hours Request Order
C2C/C Web Base Calling 24 Hours Request Order
Note : Above mentioned amount is inclusive of One Time Setup charge (Rs. 2500/-)