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School Management Interface

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School Management Interface

Complete School Management Software

Let’s go automated with Nethra Domain

School Management Interface is an integrated software application, developed by top academicians and we assure that it can offer you a good efficiency in running an academic institution. It’s as simple as that if you want your school to go automated, you should choose Nethra Domain’s SMI.

School Management Interface is a web based management software which connects all the activities of a school. It is designed as a user-friendly interface with the help of senior academicians. SMI communicates important School announcements, homework’s, assignments, worksheets, and school information easily to teachers, parents and students. SMI helps the Principal/ Head of the Institution monitor all school communications and class activities in a single dashboard. It helps us to widen and expand the future education in all levels.

SMI adds quality to today’s education and academic institutions by letting efficient monitoring of the day to day progress and performance. Setting up Web SMI is too easy and simple as it would take only about 1-2 hours. Our software product is diversely designed to be accessed from anywhere. SMI is developed responsive as it may fit iOS and Android mobile phones.

Why SMI?

    Connects Everyone
    Moderate & Monitor
    Adaptable to Mobile Phones
    Time saving and simple to use
    Quick Reports
    Involves in Child's Education
    Regular Updates for Teachers
    High Level Security
    Automatic Backup
    Minimum learning and computer skills

(A) Features of SMI:

Excellent Dashboards

Our Dashboard design is very simple and easy to use and understand. It helps to navigate easily and helps to recognize key features and experience a new outlook. News, Notice Board, School Strength in the dashboard gives a quick look and collective information of the school.

Smart on Smart Phones

In addition to advanced technology we have taken a lot care in ensuring that SMI works compatible on iPhones and Android. We have made it responsive and attuned for any smart phones in such a way that design provides an uninterrupted access to the application.

(B) Key Modules:

Admission Management

Admission Management manages the registration and entire admission process of the students for each academic year. It stores student’s previous school history and certificates. Admission of students to a specific academic year in a specific stream, medium, standard and division with ease.

It also has a Front Office Management which allows you to accept or reject the student admission after interview.

On Confirmation of the admission process the student is automatically enrolled in to the automated admission register for further process of allocating the class and section. You can even get complete view of the student’s admission form with photo. Customized reports which may give you detailed information about the student admission can be generated.

Staff Management

Faculties play a vital role in any academic institution. SMI has a Staff Login Module which provides a personalized space for the staff where they can manage their work more effectively.

Staff Management Module helps school to manage all the details associated with the staff such as staff details, staff profile details.

Teaching Staff and Non Teaching Staff can be separately viewed and managed.

Staff working details such as attendance, Time table, meetings, etc., can be recorded which in turn gives the management to have clear understanding of the staff.

With the help of SMI, staff can view their personal profile, can apply for leave and also access school calendar from dashboard

Parent Management

Parent’s module in the SMI provides as an interface for the parents to register from the School's website. Once the data is verified and checked they will be provided with a login panel. Using the SMI parents can check their children’s profile and update their profile information. SMI has a specialized attendance page to view the updated attendance details. Parents can also view the mark sheet of the students. SMI also allows the parents to communicate with teachers one to one regarding any clarifications in the subjects. Parents have an access towards the school notice board, news letter and class notices.

SMI gives complete information about the home work given by the school. Parents are allowed to access payments related to any fee. SMI establishes a strong bond with the parent and school.

Student Management

SMI’s Student Management Module helps to manage all the records associated with the student such as student’s personal particulars along with photograph, attendance, co-curriculum activities, achievements, previous school information, parents/ guardian details. It provides as a complete view of the student and makes the school management understand the progress in the given academic year.

Admission Details and Reports related to the admission can be taken from the Student Module, and based on the same interview slot can be allotted for the principal.

Issue of Transfer Certificate (TC) can be done from the Student Management. Customized reports can be taken from the module if needed. Mark Sheet can be viewed and the same can be customized as per the requirement of the school. Based on the requirement consolidated reports related to the students, marks, attendance, achievement record etc., can be taken from SMI.

Fee Management

SMI’s fee management module is an automated fee calculation module. Apart from being automated it is flexible enough to add any fee payments under different fee types. The module is designed in such a way that it automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deduction and concession if any applicable to the selected student.

SMI allows maintaining a user-defined fee structure and category.

Considering the School Fees Collection as most important feature for the schools we have worked with our specialized team to achieve the best in the Fee Management Module

It is well planned and designed to avoid any delays and to speedup the work with the aim to minimize the workload in the fee receipt counter.

Fee Management module allows you to view many reports student wise, class wise and section wise. Reports can be even customized as per the requirement of the school.


School Academics module in the SMI allows you to carry out all the tasks required you to manage the school academics better and efficiently. All the academic tasks like creating time-table, managing examinations etc. very easily. SMI helps to create customized timetables for different classes and manage subject and teachers according to their availability.

SMI manages the results of all the students throughout the year by just entering the marks of the students in their mark score sheets. It also helps managing the attendance of the students and notifies if there is any important circular to school staffs and students.

Academic Module is designed to auto promote the students to their higher levels. Syllabus can be uploaded which may help their parents to know more about the lessons and to also get information on the daily coverage and books.



SMI has a separate module called SMS Management where the institution can send SMS 24X7. As we are using our dedicated servers the messages are sent out promptly and reach on time. SMS Management is designed user friendly where anybody can use the module more flexibly and faster. Nethra Domain gives the most comprehensive range of SMS solutions for our customers to reach their clients faster. We as a one of the leading bulk SMS service provider stationed in Chennai, and we are having direct connectivity with top Telecom operators. We assure our customers that we will offer you best service to keep your business growing. Call us for Demo!!!!

Group Messaging

Where you can send a generic message to all recipients or customized messages to each recipient. With our well advanced interface you can send thousands of SMS messages per second based on your needs. We also allow you to schedule messages to go at a particular date and time.

2 Way SMS

Nethra domain enables 2-way SMS communication. When we receive an SMS on your dedicated long code , we will inform your application(via API) or send the response specified by you.


Sender Id is the six digit name shown on the recipients mobile phone when they receive an SMS. We enable you to send all your SMS with your Sender Id that reflects your brand. Depending on the telecommunication rules designed by the country, we work with our operators to organize the sender ID required by you.

API Integration

We have a very flexible and powerful API which can be integrated in any of the applications to solve your purpose. Nethra Domain has developed a strong API in such a way that it works with almost any software application and major ERP solution.

Delivery Reports

We have a Repot Management Module which is highly dedicated for reports any format. Our application monitors your SMS campaigns and gives you a dynamic delivery reports. You are allowed to Filter / Search and Download reports for further analysis.

Delivery Reports

We have a Repot Management Module which is highly dedicated for reports any format. Our application monitors your SMS campaigns and gives you a dynamic delivery reports. You are allowed to Filter / Search and Download reports for further analysis.

SMS Services

    Homework Messages
    Attendance Messages
    Grooming Messages
    Birthday Messages
    Holidays Messages
    General Messages
    Student By Student
    Exam Result

Email Services

A copy of SMS send to the personal email id. If any mail sent to the student the system will intimate through SMS to the parents.

Web Login

Each Email or SMS will be saved in the student account. Student can change their email id or Mobile Number or Address and so on.

Additional Features:

    For sending SMS no template is required.
    The support & services will be available 24X7/365days.
    No agreement needs to be drawn to avail our services
    We have tied up with all services providers
    For Both GSM or CDMA network we required SIX characters sender ID
    Web Login (Individual Student login), Instant Communication report
    SMS Application software free of cost
    Unlimited SMS per student
    Unlimited Web Login
    No hidden charges and setup charges and100% DND delivered

Voice Call

Voice Blasting Service from Nethra Domain is another technology where the information can be sent as voice messages to their mobile / landline phones. The voice messages will be stored in the web login and the same can be retrieved any time for listening. A copy of the message will be sent to the personal email id.

Voice call is a simple communication technology that allows you to take a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a short span of time. These bulk voice calls are most often used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional purposes.

Nethra Domain’s voice calls have lots of features and flexible. It is an ideal tool for schools related information’s, customer surveys, service reminders, product information’s, EMI reminders, insurance premium reminders, product and service marketing and much more.

Record & Send

Nethra Domain helps the customer to send voice calls to a group of members through its effective applications. It serves you better to send any official announcements in your own voice.

Pay per Usage

We have a transparent pricing and billing method and we allow our customers to pay for the usage.

API Integration

We integrate our API’s into your existing software applications and customize the same if necessity falls.

Delivery Reports

We have a Repot Management Module which is highly dedicated for reports any format. Our application monitors your Voice Calls and gives you a dynamic delivery reports. You are allowed to Filter / Search and Download reports for further analysis.

Voice Calls are used in:

    Important Announcements.
    Reminders about payments and leaves.
    Appointments, pre-scheduled meetings & conferences in the school.
    Events and Activities of the school.
    PTA Meeting in the school.
    Record and voice broadcast in your own voice.

Live Streaming

Nethra Domain’s Live Streaming is a unique service which allows you to live stream important events of Schools/ Colleges / Institutions online through our streaming servers.

Web TV is designed in such a way in which it delivers the content online and the same can be viewed by the people from the corners of the world. They can view the programs telecasted by in their PC or in their mobile phones.

Nethra Domain has highly focused on the development of its customers through live streaming videos in which the organizations can telecast lectures/ Speeches or any programs performed “online”.

An advantage of this Web TV is that these lectures or programs can be very long, indeed, although they can be recorded in our servers/ stored and streamed.

WEB TV services offered by us:

    Live streaming of events in a single server
    Old programs can be posted in the server
    Unlimited video streaming server per day
    Free Website hosting space for school website
    Quality Services can be availed 24X7
    Timely support through team viewer

Benefits for the School and Parents:

    Parents can see live activities like cultural / school day programs
    2 services like playing activities videos and website can be done in a common server
    Parents can view live activities remotely
    Parents can view the program in the mobile apps

Report Management

Nethra Domain’s School Management Interface gives great benefits to the schools by providing numerous reports which are beneficial for better and efficient administration of the schools.

The schools administration with the help of such reports can improve the working of the school and it also serves as a record keeping for the future reference.

Transport Management

SMI’s Transport Management Module provides complete details of the transportation. It is designed to manage route wise/ vehicle wise/ area wise records and it allows to you allocated the students into it. It also gives a clear record of the driver or any person associated with the transport and also gives complete details of the students travelling in the transport.

The transport management module enables effective management of school transport User-defined routes can be created along with transporter details. Route master summary, which consists number of student sunder single route. It helps maintain the route change history of each student.

SMI’s Transport Management Module has a unique module where you are allowed to enter the vehicle maintenance details. It helps the Transport In charge to work closely in maintaining the vehicle. It also has a fuel register maintained and vehicle log register.

Cafeteria Management

An organized cafeteria plays an important part in any school/college. With a proper canteen students and parents will not have any stress considering the morning food and afternoon food.

SMI provides a platform to enter daily menu and the same can be viewed by the parents and students. Cafeteria is also important for delegates, workers, faculty and other people who visit the campus daily.

SMI ensures that everything is organized and calculated with no chances of misplaced deals in the process. All the foods and items can be tracked by the cafeteria owners and the management can even see and decide which items to be allowed on the campus, taking both health and eating habits in account.

SMI has a very user-friendly cafeteria module and provides a new way to manage it.

Events Management

Events Management provides the facility to manage events of school can be categorized for classes and students. Students are allowed to register the event in the form provided in the event management module.

It is error free and reduces human workload. It can be customized to provide good productive results.

It has the ability to add / retrieve the detailed information about Events like Event Name, Hall Details, Event start & End date, Start &End time. It avoids conflict between the events to be conducted.

Reports related to the events conducted or ongoing events can be taken instantly.

Time Table Management

Time Table Management is most tedious and time consuming task for the school staff. Each class has a unique time table along with specific subjects and subject teachers.

Nethra Domain’s SMI helps in creating time table for students of each class easily and effortlessly. It helps to create time-slots for the timetable as per your school principles. You are allowed to edit and change time-table whenever need arises.

School Management

School Management Module controls the administrative task of the school. All the key modules are controlled from the school management console. News Board/ News Letters/ Birthday’s/ School Strength etc., are controlled by the administrative head of the school.

Library Management

Library Management Module encourages learning by improving your school library's efficiency and simplifying access to educational resources. Focusing on future education we have many features built in to our software platform foster learning and development in both the library and classroom.

Reports related to the issue/ return of the books can be generated and customized reports can be generated based on the request placed by the school.

Library Management

Library Management Module encourages learning by improving your school library's efficiency and simplifying access to educational resources. Focusing on future education we have many features built in to our software platform foster learning and development in both the library and classroom.

Reports related to the issue/ return of the books can be generated and customized reports can be generated based on the request placed by the school.


SIM Hosting will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs, our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication fast and easy it also helps you to cut down the man power and cost as it is pulling data from our server.

SIM Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS gateway. You can have your own SIM card or a shared one hosted to one of our GSM Server, so as to be able to receive SMS. All SMS messages sent to the mobile phone number of the SIM card will be forwarded to your account with us, to your mobile phone or to a URL of your Data Base Server.

The SIM card’s mobile phone number will serve as a dedicated phone number of your SMS application. To use this service, you can create Unlimited Keywords & Sub Keywords on this Dedicated Long Code Mobile Number. The SIM card will be put into one of our GSM Server, which is connected to our SMS gateway. Our SMS gateway will forward all received SMS messages to your opted route using a certain protocol / interface that suits best to your needs; for example HTTP, HTTPS, SMS to email, etc.

As our server is active 24 X 7, when an admission/ homework/ attendance/ result/ grooming enquiry SMS is send to the dedicated long code the server in turn sends the information saved in the database to the enquirer via SMS, voice call and Email.

    Choose your own dedicated long code number
    No keyword limitation
    Real Time Web Based Reporting
    Email Forwarding
    SMS Forwarding
    No Data Loss
    Maximum No. of SMS received per day: Unlimited (India and abroad)
    99.09% Uptime View Project Details

Asset Management

Schools and Colleges are now moving from spreadsheets and paper records system based asset management systems to track their equipments. Nethra Domain have worked to design a module called Asset Managemnt which have put an end to all the tedious work which was carried out in the past. It has designed a system which is easy to use, saves a significant amount of staff time.

SMI helps you create a detailed list and placement your equipments so you don't have to waste time searching for items in the wrong place, or looking for something that has already been disposed of.

Reports related to the current assets and disposed assets can be generated. Customized report can be generated upon the request made form the school.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management Module records a variety of information related to Hostel Attendance, Disciplinary Logs, as well as Room charge Status and many features like fee collection, room allotment, room management as categorization of rooms, daily attendance register of hostel and hostel reports like room allotment register, room left report, charge due reports and receipts, room transfer register and room status report.

It also allows monitoring the fee payment details. Reports related to the hostel students and fee payments can be generated by using the software. The reports can be customized as per the requirement of the school.

Health Management

A student record system needs to be established in each school for collecting, organizing and maintaining information about students in an orderly, effective manner.

SMI allows you to maintain a complete student health record containing information which is accurate and pertinent.

SMI’s health record is a unique module where the student health records are maintained by the school which provides relevant information about the physical, developmental, intellectual, personal, social and environmental factors which affect the student's health and education.

The complete student health record frequently includes supplementary records such as:

    health history reports from parents
    reports given by the family physician
    dental examination reports
    reports from ENT
    medical requests for program adaptation of various kinds.

All these health records along with supplemental records is included in the student's folder to become part of the total health record of each student.