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Complete details of the Web TV services offered by us

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Welcome to Nethra Domain’s Live Streaming. We provide live streaming facility for Schools/ Colleges / Institutions where they can telecast their important events online through our streaming servers.

Web TV is designed in such a way in which it delivers the content online and the same can be viewed by the people from the corners of the world. They can view the programs telecasted by in their PC or in their mobile phones.

Nethra Domain has highly focused on the development of its customers through live streaming videos in which the organizations can telecast lectures/ Speeches or any programs performed “online”.

An advantage of this Web TV is that these lectures or programs can be very long, indeed, although they can be recorded in our servers/ stored and streamed.

WEB TV services offered by us:

    Live streaming of events in a single server
    Old programs can be posted in the server
    Unlimited video streaming server per day
    Free Website hosting space for school website
    Quality Services can be availed 24X7
    Timely support through team viewer

Benefits for the School and Parents:

    Parents can see live activities like cultural / school day programs
    2 services like playing activities videos and website can be done in a common server
    Parents can view live activities remotely
    Parents can view the program in the mobile apps

Full Service Price List:

WEB TV Price List

Package Service Order
W/M WEB TV DEDICATED / Per Month Price List
Note : Above mentioned amount is inclusive of One Time Setup charge